The Dorkfood DSV is a plug and play device that transforms ordinary, inexpensive cooking appliances into sous-vide cookers.

Here’s how it works

1. Place the DSV and the water-bath on the kitchen counter.

2. Remove the water-bath lid, and fill with hot water.

3. Plug the water-bath into the DSV. Submerge DSV probe in water.

4. Replace water-bath lid and plug DSV into a power outlet. 

5. Set desired cooking temperature on the DSV.

6. Wait for water-bath to reach desired cooking temperature.
Place food in water-bath, and replace lid.

7. Wait for cooking time to complete. Remove food and enjoy!

Run this simple test to find out if your appliance is compatible with the Dorkfood DSV

  • Turn It On

    Plug your appliance into an ordinary outlet and turn it on until it starts heating

  • Unplug It

    Unplug it without pressing any switches or changing any settings

  • Plug it Back In

    Plug your device back in

If the appliance continues heating after step 3, without any additional user input, it is compatible with the DSV

“The right tool for amateurs or professionals”

Quality Freak
Quality FreakVerified Amazon Customer

“The DSV is a fantastic way to get into sous-vide cooking

without spending a ton of money.”

Brian Dann
Brian DannVerified Amazon Customer

“I am so happy that there is finally an

affordable solution out there for the rest of us.”

PamelaVerified Amazon Customer