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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sous Vide Cooking

What is sous vide cooking? Sous vide refers to a cooking technique that involves steaming food under vacuum. In this case, the food ingredients are enclosed in vacuum-sealed plastic pouches and placed in a water bath of a predetermined temperature to cook. The resultant food will be precisely done, flavorful and very nutritious. Read more.

Thinking Outside of the Vacuum Seal Bag – What else can the DSV do?

While the Dorkfood DSV was originally designed and made with just sous vide in mind, we have discovered that a temperature controller such as ours can be useful in many other applications as well. Our Dorkfood family has used their brains and creativity to pair the DSV with projects from other kinds of food prep techniques to brewing, and even home crafts like creating clothing dyes.

12 Foods of Christmas from Around the World!

With so many people and Dorks celebrating Christmas in one form or another around the world, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some traditional Christmas foods (and maybe how they can be cooked sous vide, because of course). In many cultures, Christmas is more than just one day of present giving and worshipping. It almost always involves family, fun and great food traditions. Here are but twelve examples that we have found that represent global traditions.

Large Sous Vide Water Bath Setups

We’ve discussed smaller water baths previously, so for this post let’s switch focus to the big baths that can handle some serious meals. These are the slightly unconventional, but incredibly useful, sous vide setups that allow for making larger meals, multiple recipes, or feasts to feed the masses. Some of our Dorkfood family members have even made things like suckling pig or full racks of ribs using these baths.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We all have different traditions and family favorite foods for this holiday.  Here at Dorkfood, we thought exploring some of those traditions and our own favorites would be a great way to get into the Thanksgiving mindset.   Turkey On almost all of our tables, turkey is the star of show.  And while it is […]